Monday, June 02, 2003

It's In My Head

You know how sometimes you meet someone new and they know that they are gorgeous? The kind of person you talk about and say, "He/She is perfect - but they know it." I know now that that mindset starts at an early age. Elijah knows he's gorgeous and awesome. I hope it lasts forever!! For now, it's very funny sometimes but also gets us into trouble.

For instance, EVERY time we go to the red store (Target), he knows he is getting a present. Not good. I mean, we LOVE to buy him presents - that's for sure. It makes us happy to see him happy. Problem is...if we go to the red store and try to NOT buy him a present - he cries all the way home. He thinks he deserves a present every time. Until now, we really didn't have a way to tell if he deserved it or not. NOW we do!!

We are putting together this simple system of stars. Everytime Elijah is a "good listener" he gets a star on the board. When he's not a "good listener" he gets one taken away. When he reaches a certain number of stars, he gets a present from the red store. Perfect! Stay tuned to see how Elijah is doing Shooting for the Stars!

Meanwhile, yesterday the two of us went to bring Buba her dinner (Buba is my 95 year old grandmother). Elijah and I brought her her favorite meal - a fish sandwich from McDonalds. While we were there setting it up, Elijah picked up the phone in the room and pretended to call my mom (his Abuela). He didn't think I was listening but I heard every word...

"Hello Abuela. You are my grandma and I am your grandson. I am delicious. I am gorgeous. OK? Bye."

Then he said to me, "That was Abuela on the telephone."

He knows he is loved.

Hope your weekend was great! Hannah is doing great - there's not much to say at this point because she is still sleeping and eating but her awake time is getting longer and she is beginning to show signs of play! We may get a smile soon!!!

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