Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Don't Overcook It

If you ever want to make me laugh, approach me when I am cooking at the BBQ and say, "don't overcook it." It's instant laughter. You see, my Dad LOVES to BBQ. We ate BBQ in my house all summer long. Chicken, steak, london broil, fish, you name it - Dad grilled it. The procedure was the same every single time - no exceptions. Mom would prepare the meat and deliver it to Dad on a plate. Immediately after handing him the plate came the first D.O.I ("don't overcook it"). Dad gave the proverbial nod of the head and the eyes roll back. You know that look. The grill received the meat and began to cook it. About twelve and a half seconds into the cooking, Mom looks out the window from the kitchen and utters the SECOND D.O.I. Dad, again, keeps his cool and continues to turn the meat and sip his Michelob Light. Ninety one seconds later, yelling from the upstairs guest bathroom is Mom's voice with the third D.O.I. Now, Dad can't hold back any longer. "Jeez, I heard you for heaven's sake!" Then, fearing un-acceptance of the finished product and, ultimately, the wrath of Mom, he whispers for me to walk over to the BBQ. Cutting a small slit in the side of the meat, he asks outloud, "Is this done?" Now I was the one in the pickle. If I say "No" and he ends up overcooking it, I'M the one who ordered the meat scortched. If I say "Yes" and we bring it in bleeding, I'm the one who's the cannibal. Whatever, I'm screwed. So I take the high road, "Dunno, Dad, you are the cook. I just eat it." He he. The walk into the house with the cooked meat on the plate takes place in slow motion. As Dad is putting the plate on the dinner table, Mom is watching him and the meat. Her eyes go back and forth and back and forth. His eyes NEVER lock with hers. It's in God's hands now. "It BETTER not be overcooked." We sit down. Dad cuts his meat - "Ummmm.....YUMMY!!! Delicious!!!" Mom sits down and cuts her meat and promptly asks if she can trade her sharp knife in for a hammer and chisel. Dinner is served.

The Middletown BBQ was this past Sunday and it was yummy! Everyone had a blast and we missed the DePadova's and the Sollog's. Everyone met Hannah and she got a storeful of gifts. Elijah and Matthew played great and Katherine stared at me for 3 hours. I loved it. It was great to see everyone there and we shoud do this more often!! As we were leaving, I was walking with Dad to the car and I said, "Great job with the chicken, it was delicious!" Dad looked at me and said, "Really? Mom said it was overcooked." The more things change.....

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