Monday, June 23, 2003


No matter how old I get, I always get the same butterflies in my stomach at this time each year. The school year is over and its SUMMERTIME! For Elijah, that means no more school until September. No more Ms. Joyce. No more 7-5:30 and no more naps on his cot. Today, camp started! Five days per week, Elijah will go to the JCC at 7am and stay until Mommy picks him up at 2pm. He is in room SIX now which means he is older. He's no longer a "fish" anymore; he's graduated to a "peacock." ALL weekend long, he was talking about going to camp on Monday and being a peacock. "School's over. I'm a peacock now!! NO FISHY!! No more Ms. Joyce. My teacher is Ms. Claudette now." Very adorable. So he goes to sleep last night after having a little trouble - he asked me to lay in his bed with him. I think he was a little scared about starting camp but he would not admit it. We got up this morning and he was so excited about going to a new room wth new teachers. We drove to camp and walked in to the JCC. Because all the kids come around the same time in the morning, everyone meets in Room 2 (Elijah's old room). Ms. Dominga (one of Elijah's old teachers) meets us in there and then the teachers come and take their kids. soon as we stop to go into Room 2....he starts crying. TEARS are streaming down his face. He would not walk into the room. By the time he calmed down, he said that he didn't want to be a fishy anymore and wanted to go to his NEW teacher. "No more Ms. Dominga!" It was adorable. He didn't understand that we were just meeting in there for a minute - he wasn't staying in there!! Thank goodness, Ms. Claudette came and took him by the hand and we walked together to Room 6. Elijah saw his name all over the place and felt much better. He's going to have Ms. Claudette all summer and then all next school year as well in the Peacock room.

Deb is picking up Elijah every day at 2pm for the summer. After camp is over, he gets a two week break and then school starts up again!!!


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