Tuesday, November 08, 2005

She's Almost Here!

OK - quick update here.

We saw the doctor today and we got confirmation that Deb is checking into Virtua Hospital on Friday morning around 10am!!

She will be put on a Petocin drip (she's already 2 cm dialated) and we will let nature take it's course!! I am predicting baby girl will be here by Saturday AM!!

We have the name too!!! Finally!!!!

I'll update here again soon!

Dad (times 3!)


Foxxy One said...

Mozel Tov!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan:

We are very happy! I just wanted to add something to the posting you had regarding trick-or-treat! You told Hannah and Elijah that when you were little if people didn't open the door, you would throw eggs at the house- at that point, we were knocking on someones door and there was no answer- Hannah thought for a moment and said "let's throw eggs daddy"- we told her we were joking- a few minutes later when another house would not answer the door- Hannah yelled to me "Abuela, let's throw eggs"- nice things to teach your kids!