Monday, July 10, 2006

Awwwwwwwww NUTS!

It's hot here in Salt Lake. The weather guy says that there are around five days each summer when the temperature hits 100 degrees. Those days usually occur between July 22nd and August 4th. For now, we are hanging in the low to mid 90s every day with lows in the 60s at night. It's been beautiful. My folks have been here since Wednesday. Dad is leaving tonight and Mom stays through Sunday. We have been everywhere. We went to Solitude and Brighton Resorts and took the tram to the top of Snowbird. We drove to Park City and through the gorgeous Guardsman's Pass gravel road which takes you miles down the side of a mountain through trees and the most amazing views ever! Today, it's Antelope Island and an walk through the Great Salt Lake. We won't see my folks again until October. :-(

Another good thing about Mom being here this week is that she can watch the kiddies on Friday while Deb escorts me to the ceremonial "Cutting of the Vas." Yes, finally, this Friday...I go from Oozie to cap gun. I will sumbit my testicles to the ultimate modification - mutilation. The sick thing is that I CAN'T WAIT!! Bring on the scalpel! The good doctor will take fifteen minutes of his day to tend to my yearning to be sterile. I have to shave the night before and wear a jock strap all weekend. I figure if I can't find a jock strap anywhere, I will just hollow out a watermelon and get some rope... :-)

I will blog this weekend about how it all went. I will also post a bunch of pictures of our time with Mom and Dad.

Deb starts at the synagogue on Monday and all three kiddies are off to their new "homes" during the day. Monday will be crazy!! I should have lots to write about!

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