Thursday, April 10, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Sadie, in the car the other day...

"Daddy!!! I wanna ak-s you somfink!!! DADDY!!! I wanna ak-s you somfink!!!!"

"OK, Sadie..go ahead and ask me."

"DADDY DADDY DADDY!!! Please!! I wanna ak-s you somfink!!!"

"Sadie, my precious, I am listening. Go ahead and ask me!"

"OK. What are you finking about?"

"I am thinking about how much I love you!"

"NO DADDY!! What are you finking about???"

"I mean it! I am really really thinking about how much I love you!!"


"Sadie, can I ask you something?"

"Mmmm K"

"What are YOU thinking about?"

15 second pause....


1 comment:

Britt2kick said...

Oh my gosh Sadie cracks me up. She is so dang cute and so funny.