Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dude, Back Off!

Elijah and Hannah fight like dogs. Well...maybe fight is not the right word. They have differences and they push eachother's buttons all the time. Knowing the unique, problem free, relationship that I had with my sister growing up, it's always somewhat concerned me that the two of them are always bickering. Elijah will get in trouble with me and when I turn around, Hannah will stick her tongue out at him. Hannah will get yelled at for making a mess and Elijah will announce what her punishment will be. You know, things like that. Sometimes, in more quiet moments, the two of them will get along beautifully and play together for hours. These times are rare but give me hope that, when push comes to shove, they will be there for eachother.

Last weekend at the zoo, I witnessed something between the two of them that solidifies my belief that everything will be OK and shows me the love that exists between the two of them.

Abuela was visiting for a few days and we had a 75 degree day on Sunday and, along with a majority of Salt Lake City, decided to go to the zoo. We had a fantastic time walking the zoo and the weather was perfect. Towards the end, we decided to let the kids tire themselves out a bit by running around the park on the zoo grounds. They have all sorts of slides, monkey bars, etc. After about 30 minutes of them running all over the place, all three of them ended up at the big slide. There are about 25 steps to the top platform and then you sit in an enclosed slide down to the bottom. There were about 20 kids playing on it. I was at the very bottom of the slide so I could help Sadie to the ground when she came down each time.

I started to hear a ruckus coming from the top of the slide so I put my ear to the tube and could hear the conversation perfectly from the top, even though I could not see the top. The conversation was perfectly clear.

Hannah was complaining about a boy who was trying to push her away from the top of the slide. I heard her say, "Hey, stop it, it's my turn!" Then, Elijah...

"Dude, back off! Don't push my sister. Let her in. It's her turn. You're not being nice right now."

Then I heard a little scuffle and Elijah said, "Go ahead Hannah, you can slide down now."

Hannah: "Elijah, I'm scared. Will you hold my hand?"

Elijah: "Sure, sit down in front of me and we will go down together."

Next thing I see is the two of them arriving at the bottom together. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

The best part is that he had no clue that I had heard what happened. He wasn't playing up for me or trying to prove anything. It was real. He was standing up for Hannah!

I took Elijah aside when they got to the bottom. I told him I heard what happened and that I was proud of him. I think he learned a great deal about what's important right then and there.

Hannah was on cloud nine. She told us how Elijah saved her life from a mean boy. Wait until you see the video I posted tonight. Click over on the right to the pics and vids site and watch it. You will absolutely melt at what Hannah says.

Meanwhile - today is Passover and we spent a nice night at the Bauman's house. Elijah is thrilled that I bought tickets to the Poison concert here for July 3rd. It will be Elijah's first ever rock concert and he can't stop talking about it. Anyway - there is a very funny video of him playing Bret Michaels of Poison that I took tonight on the vids page so be sure to catch that.

Finally - and I was reluctant to post this picture, but what the heck. We had a mustache contest in my office and Mom was here to help judge the finals last Friday. For the first time in 13 years, I shaved my beard. I came in second place but I think I looked kinda hot, don't you?

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